I got this...A little after Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion debuted, the previous download-only release, OS X Lion, disappeared from the Mac App Store (MAS).

For those of us with old hardware, this became kind of a big deal as that older hardware will not run Mountain Lion.  Now with OS X Mavericks on the way, it looks like we’ll be seeing this issue again.

So will we have to resort to looking for torrents so we can legitimately install our purchased copy of Mountain Lion in the near future?

The answer is NO.

Why, you ask?  Because Apple never removed OS X Lion from the MAS.  They hid it.

Now, I wish I could put up screen shots, but after unhiding OS X Lion on my account, the option to manage hidden apps is gone.  I’ll see if I can remember the steps accurately:

  • Open the Mac App Store
  • Click the Account button and log in
  • In this screen, there is an option somewhere in the middle that says something along the lines of “Manage Hidden Applications”.  I really do apologize that I didn’t screenshot that when I had the chance.  If someone gets a picture, send it along!
  • Click the Edit button
  • On the next screen, Unhide OS X Lion
  • Go to Purchases and see your newly unhidden OS X Lion!

That’s it folks.  I hope you find this as helpful as I did.  If you can provide any more specifics in the comments so I can update the steps, that would be amazing!

UPDATE: I found an Apple KBase article detailing how to Hide and Unhide purchases.  Check it out here.

— Mike


  1. jackharvest

    Does this apply to late purchases? When finding OS X Lion in the app store online, it says it will take 1-3 days to email me a code for downloading it from the app store. Does this mean it will always stay in my “purchases” after this? Will I have to unhide it first after downloading it?

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