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Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a fantastic day!  Todays neat thing is a wordpress plugin and app combo called Zopim.

Zopim is a plugin that makes that  neat little “Would you like to Chat” bubble at the bottom of your website (look at the bottom right corner).  The best part about it is that it  connects to either a mobile app or a web interface that allows me to chat with folks on the website that have questions.  The best part is if you only have one agent manning the chats, its FREE.

I have found that it makes a great additional option for customers to find me!

Now, I know that chat bubbles can sometimes be a modern day nuisance as they chase you around the screen, but Zopim stays put.  It give the user the option to chat while staying put in the lower corner of the screen, and can be made smaller with the x in the corner.  Thats my kind of chat box.

What are your options on website chat options?  Let me know what you think below!

Hope your day stays great!


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