Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, this particular blog has been pretty silent over the last few months.  That’s my fault, the self named “Bad Blogger”.

We had some great Neat Things coming from our summer intern and a few post prior to that, but alas, I let my blog go to the wayside.

But I’m back!

That is to say, the Bad Blogger is turning over a new leaf.  It’s my goal this coming year to supply you with a plethora of Neat Things to keep your tech appetites satiated!

I have also decided to expand Neat Things to include tech-related items, blogs, and resources!  Speaking of which…

Today’s Neat Thing is Chris Lema’s website and blog!

Chris is a daily blogger (which is amazing all by itself) who focuses on helping folks use WordPress for their businesses as well as helping WordPress businesses succeed.  The main reason I chose Chris’s blog as a Neat Thing is because he covers so many topics that can be helpful to all types of businesses.

If you get a chance, I would take a look at this recent posts on Generosity.  It has some amazing tips and I thought it was very helpful!

I will soon be sending more Neat Things your way!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!


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