That’s a question I found myself pondering today as I accidentally swiped through my Spaces into the now defunct area of Mission Control that I had once found so useful.

The Dashboard.

Introduced in OS X 10.4 as a screen overlay, it has been part of my daily life for nearly a decade… or it *had* been part of my daily life until about six months ago when I just stopped using it.

I’m not sure what changed.  Maybe it’s the new App culture combined the fact that I have an iPhone sitting next to my computer that does all of the things I used to use Dashboard for, or maybe it’s just that the widgets I once found so useful are so easily replaced by embedded functions in Google’s search (“What is my external IP?“, “Unit Conversion“), but whatever it is, I just don’t use it.

Well, I do still have a Web Clip sitting in there of a piece of monitoring software I use, but that’s it.

Or rather, I *did* have a Web Clip.  It’s gone now.

Honestly, the resources that Dashboard was using just wasn’t worth it anymore.

I was Googling around for how to change all of your Desktop images in one fell swoop in Mavericks (answer: you can’t without scripting as of 10.9.2) when I lit upon this article over at Maclife.com.  It ran over some annoyances in Mavericks and I found myself smitten with #2: The Dashboard.  I had almost forgotten it was there.  The only time I ever even ran into anymore is when I over-swiped through my Spaces as I mentioned above.

The instructions were simple enough (and I knew it was accurate since it’s the same plist you manage for Open Directory management purposes), so I ran them and, ta-da, Dashboard was gone.

If you want to do it on your own, here are the two commands to type in Terminal:
defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean true
killall Dock

For everyone else, I wrote an app.


Download that and run the app inside and you’ll be prompted to disable your Dashboard.  If you find some odd reason you need the Dashboard back in the future, just run the app again and it will re-enable the Dashboard for you.

Easy as pie. 😉

Also, if you scroll down in the disk image, you’ll see the Source Code folder.  It has the AppleScript that makes this little bugger work.  Feel free to tweak, change, or alter as you see fit, but do me a favor and share alike.  It’s covered under the Creative Commons license below.


Creative Commons License
Disable_Dashboard by Tech Geekery, Inc. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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