In the spring of 2013, Tech Geekery jumped onto the Central New York scene with one goal: provide exemplary customer service in the tech support field. We like to think we succeeded on that front, but unfortunately, tech support wasn’t what fueled our passion.

After an extensive restructuring effort, we rebuilt the company around the strengths of our two owners, Amy Wyant (CEO) and Justina Kane (COO). In the wake of that reimagining, we rebranded the company to better reflect our new focus on Community Resource Management and Business Development. Total Geekery was born.

Still, despite our best efforts at leaving technology behind, we continually found ourselves drawn back in by clients and projects that made a difference in the world. Projects which, surprisingly, fit our original name like a glove while also still fulfilling our dual missions of community and informational outreach.

So, after an extended hiatus, Tech Geekery is back and focused on making your app a reality. Whether it be a social justice awareness platform or a way to meaningfully engage with your subscribers, we’re here to guide you through every step of the app development process.

But enough about us… we want to hear about you and your ideas.

Give us a call today!