Progressive web apps (sometimes known as PWAs) are specially designed websites. They are viewable as a website with a browser, or they can be installed on a device, both computers and mobile devices, where they function like any other app.

Progressive Web Apps generally cannot be distributed via OS-specific market places. They are launched as a website, once on the website users can install it on their device.

Benefits of PWA’s:

  • Able to be used on nearly any platform that has a web browser, without additional development
  • Usually has a faster development timeline
  • The user interface/design can be identical between platforms

Drawbacks of PWA’s:

  • Minimal integration with platform features or hardware.
  • Lots of testing required to be sure all platforms have the same experience
  • Cannot be a purchasable application
  • The user interface/design may not feel like it is part of the OS

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