How to Use iTunes Radio

I know, I know… this is a little simple for a Neat Things article, but here it goes anyway.

(Also, I wanted to do this for a customer and I already made the movie, so…)

Anyway, iTunes Radio is a pretty neat product.  Without an iTunes Match subscription you can still listen to hours and hours of music from any iOS device (with iOS 7 and above).  There will be ads in the free version, but nothing excessive.

That said, if you go for iTunes Match (which is a pretty great program on its own now that they’ve ironed out the bugs), then iTunes Radio becomes ad-free.

A friend of ours, Keith Gatling from the Liverpool Public Library, wrote up a nice comparison of Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Radio awhile back.  It’s in PDF form and available here.  For more of his stuff, check out his Tech Tips column.

Enjoy the quick walkthrough on how to use iTunes Radio on your iPhone!  (FYI: It’s pretty much the same thing on an iPad)

And yes, I do have a Katy Perry playlist.  What of it? 😉