Bash Bug: How to Fix It

Not another major bug...

Not another major bug…

EDITED 9/29/2014 – Added download links for Apple’s bash batches

So… another major *nix bug.  Yippee.

Just like Heartbleed, this is a bug that, if not addressed, can ultimately be used as a really easy attack vector for pretty much any *nix system (that’s Linux–including Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat–and any BSD system… including OSX).

If you’d like some inflammatory articles on the new “Bash Bug”, feel free to check this, this, and this out.


Here’s the thing… I’m not here to fan the flames; I want to make sure people know how to patch this thing since there *IS* a patch available.  So let’s stop the rabble-rousing and get to the fixing, shall we?

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