Tech Geekery: Providing IT and Efficiency Support for CNY and Beyond

January 14, 2013

Hello folks.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been up and running (yikes, three years), but we’re making a comeback.

We’re in a new area now, Central New York.  Specifically we’re in and around Syracuse, NY, though we have clients as far away as Oakland, CA.

Starting tomorrow, we will be resuming business completely.

For those of you who have worked with Tech Geekery in the past, you know that it was primarily the owner, Mike Wyant, performing most of the work.  While it was great for establishing our reputation, it made it very difficult to expand our client base and grow our business.

We’re pleased to announce that Tech Geekery will begin working with a group of four additional IT and Efficiency professionals so we can provide more complete and far reaching solutions.

You’ll soon be able to read a little about them under the Staff section of the site.

Before signing off, we just have to say… It’s nice to be back. 🙂

— The Tech Geekery Team